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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

A comprehensive, yearly eye and vision examination is the best way to ensure healthy eyes and comfortable, clear vision. The examination includes a detailed refraction, assessment of binocular function, evaluation of ocular health, and digital retinal imaging, if applicable. Dilation of the eyes remains the best way to fully evaluation ocular health, and we prefer to dilate new patients.

Contact Lens fittings

The contact lens fitting process includes a thorough corneal health evaluation, careful selection of lens parameters, a trial pair of contact lenses and any necessary follow-up visits. Dr. Guice can address any complicating factors that may reduce comfort while wearing your lenses, such as dry eyes, ocular allergies or astigmatism. We want you to be happy with your contact lenses!

Ocular Disease

Dr. Guice practices full-scope optometry and is trained and qualified to diagnose and manage ocular disease. This includes pink eye, glaucoma, dry eyes, diabetic retinopthy, allergies, macular degeneration, and iritis, for example.

LASIK Evaluations

Are you a LASIK candidate? Want to know the details? Dr. Guice has experience in a LASIK surgical office and continues to work closely with area surgeons.

Routine Eye Examinations & more

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